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Neighborhood Organizing

Serving Neighbors: One Neighborhood's Story

A NeighborCircle is a series of three facilitated dinners of 8-10 neighbors at the home of a host. Participants invite neighbors, share food and conversation about what is happening on their street. A resident leader/ host invites neighbors to their home. Another resident leader/ faciliatator facilitates the conversations after having received facilitation skills training at CBA.  Over the course of three house meetings, participants of the NeighborCircle decide if they want to take on an issue affecting their street that they all care about and can accomplish as a group within the limit of resources available to them.  CBA will provide technical assistance for whatever action the group wants to take, connecting the neighbors to resources and city officials so that they can meet their goals.

NeighborCircles can empower residents to improve their neighborhoods through creating beautification projects and crime watches, or by addressing other problems like trash, graffiti, and parking. By helping residents strengthen relationships between neighbors, NeighborCircles goes beyond the immediate issues or actions being addressed, creating more community cohesion and building trust and cooperation neighbor to neighbor.  In order for this program to be successful, CBA recruits residents to host a NeighborCircle or become a facilitator.  If you are interested in meeting your neighbors to address an issue on your street, or would like to learn how to facilitate a desision making process, please contact Bunrith Sath by email or at 978-452-7523 x809.

In addition to NeighborCircles, CBA also collaborates with local neighborhood groups such as the Lower Highlands Neighborhood Group, the Centralville Neighborhood Action Group and ACTION (the newly formed Acre Neighborhood group), encouraging our members to participate in these groups, strengthening neighborhood ties and make much needed community improvements.